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This is about us, it’s about you and it’s about the good we can do together. What do you want your legacy to be? The women of Impact Oklahoma wish for a better world, and are working together to make sure of it, but we need you.

We dream of a day when there are no more impoverished children, no more struggling mothers, stronger families, a healthier and cleaner environment and cultural and educational offerings that are accessible to all Oklahomans. Together we can take steps to make that dream a reality.

Please join us and help us change Oklahoma for the better.

Impact Oklahoma is open to all women who want to make a difference: generous, community-minded women who wish to impact the quality of life in Central Oklahoma (Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland and Logan counties) in five key areas: Family, Culture, Health and Wellness, Community and Education.

Each Impact Oklahoma Full Member contributes $1,000 per year, and can cast one vote. Junior Memberships for women 40 and younger, are $500 per year and each Junior Member can cast ½ a vote.

Other available memberships are the Sustaining Membership. The women in this group make an ongoing commitment to Impact Oklahoma and are automatically recommitted each year – which means less mail, and uninterrupted status as an Impact Oklahoma member. This may be changed at any time by notifying Impact Oklahoma at

Women can also choose to become a part of the 110% Club, which means that they contribute a donation of $1,100 or more, with the overage being used to help Impact Oklahoma offset its administrative costs.

Impact Oklahoma enables you to be a part of gifts that are collectively larger than most women can afford to contribute individually. Each woman’s donation for membership is due by April 1 and is invested in a short-term investment account.

Our goal is to reach $500,000 in memberships each year. When we reach our goal, we will award a $100,000 grant in each of our five focus areas: Family, Culture, Health and Wellness, Community, and Education.

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Please select one of our many membership levels below and join today!

100% of each $1,000 contribution goes to the grant recipients.

Impact Oklahoma’s operational expenses are paid from interest on membership fees before distribution, from contributions from Friends of Impact Oklahoma, and from the proceeds from Wine, Women and Shoes. Our investments provide long-term sustainability for our mission, and allow 100% of our member donations to be distributed to the community.

Impact Oklahoma is a 501(c)(3) corporation and all contributions are tax deductible.

Sustaining Membership: Each membership allows you to become a sustaining member to make an ongoing commitment to Impact Oklahoma. Your membership will be automatically recommitted each year – which means less mail, and uninterrupted status as an Impact Oklahoma member. This may be changed at any time by notifying Impact Oklahoma at

There is a $30 administrative fee automatically added on all online payments.

110% Club Member

$1,100 donation includes a $100 donation for operating costs. 100% of your $1,000 membership will be used exclusively to fund the grants awarded by Impact Oklahoma, and the extra monies will be used to offset operating expenses.

Full Member

$1,000 donation

Junior Member

$500 donationavailable for those under 40 years of age.

Join by Mail

To join my mail, please download our Impact Oklahoma membership form or fill out our registration form.

Please mail your payment to P.O. Box 20149, Oklahoma City, OK 73156.

2006 Beneficiary

Food 4 Kids provides chronically hungry children with backpacks filled with non-perishable, nutritious, kid-friendly, shelf-stable food to sustain them over weekends and school holidays.

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