frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to join?

Annual memberships are $1150 or $1500 per Full Member or $575 per Junior Member (age 40 and under) $1000 ($500 Junior) of each annual membership donation goes toward the grants given away each year. Administrative costs are covered through the additional money, fundraising events and through donations from members and Friends of Impact Oklahoma.

Do I have to pay all at once?

No, we offer monthly payment plans. You can have the amount deducted automatically from your bank account, send a monthly check, or we can charge your credit card each month. 

Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes, your membership donation is tax deductible. You will receive a letter indicating your tax deductible donation was received. If you are paying incrementally, a letter will be provided at the end of the year documenting the amount received during that year.

I’m not a woman, can I be a member?

While only women can become members, we offer opportunities for men and businesses to support Impact Oklahoma. You can sponsor a woman’s membership to Impact Oklahoma, or you can become a Friend of Impact Oklahoma with a contribution toward administrative costs.

If I’m not able to attend the annual meeting, can I still vote on who gets the grants?

Yes, absolutely! About a month prior to the annual meeting members will receive an invitation to the event with an RSVP card to complete and return so we know how many members and guests will be joining us.

If you are unable to attend we ask that you read the description of each of the finalists’ proposed projects on the website, and then use your absentee ballot to rank the nonprofits for the grants, and return the ballot for counting.

How do I serve on the grant review committee?

Contact the Grant Chair ( to let her know you are interested so she can obtain your contact information and provide you with the dates and details for the activities related to the grant process.

I’m on a board of another nonprofit, can I still review grants?

Yes, but we require board members, employees, and advisors of nonprofits applying for an Impact Oklahoma grant to abstain from deliberation in the focus area under which your nonprofit applied.

All grant committee members sign a Conflict of Interest Form agreeing you will not serve in the focus area if you were on the Board of Directors, were an advisor, held an office or similar position, were employed or have an immediate family member employed by the nonprofit either currently, or in the past 12 months.

I have my own business and would like to offer my services to other members, can I do that?

Yes, if you are interested, contact the president ( and let her know the details. We will include your business information and offer in our newsletter and in our membership directory.

I’m a nonprofit – how do I apply for a $100,000 grant?

First, read through our Grant page on the website to learn if you are eligible, and follow the instructions set forth there. Please read the entire section of the website which pertains to Grant Application, which may be found HERE.

Calm Waters

2017 Beneficiary

Central Christian Camp is the only organization in Oklahoma providing children and adults with disabilities year-round opportunities for camping and travel.

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