Women’s FirstStep


“Women’s FirstStep, Life Enhancement Project”

“I knew I had hit rock bottom…
when I could put a drink on one side and
my kids would be crying out for attention on the other side, and
I would always put them on hold.
My drink had to come first.
I had to take care of that addiction FIRST.

Firstep is… a place where you can go; a place where you can call home; a place with rules and regulations; a place where people really care”. (Mary, Firstep Graduate)

Placement at Women’s Firstep residential work recovery program is often the last resort for these women who desperately need help to change. Firstep women are:

  • Mostly of childbearing age – 24-45 years
  • Separated from their children
  • Homeless, no income, minimal education; no job skills training
  • Often in judicial system for nonviolent substance abuse issues
  • Victims of domestic violence, childhood sexual/physical abuse; and post-traumatic stress disorders
  • In-need of medical/dental assistance
  • History of mental illness and substance use disorders


Leaving behind a destructive environment and entering into an atmosphere conducive for lifestyle change enhances each woman’s recovery-focused goals. Firstep operates the SAMHSA Therapeutic Education Community model for recovery.

This capital improvement project enhances our mission to help women recover from substance abuse. Our project will provide a community room for educational groups such as parenting classes, anger management, life skills classes, GED, work preparatory training, on-site AA/NA/CA educational groups and will enhance family interactions such as child birthday parties and family holiday events.