White Fields, Inc.


“Foster Care Expansion”

“Noah” was locked in a closet and forced to live on dog food—he had been there so long the outline of his body was imprinted on the carpet. When he came to us at age eight, he was malnourished and suffered from a rare disease resulting from eating feces.

“Jacob” was sexually abused by his grandmother’s boyfriend. The abuse affected him developmentally, and today, at age 11 he cannot control his bowels.

Co-founded in 2000 by Tom Ward, and his son, Trent, White Fields cares for abused and neglected boys, age eight to 18, who are in the permanent custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division. Our children have experienced multiple failed placements and have no place left to go. Our boys are boys without hope; they come to us hurting and in pain. At White Fields, we give them structure and stability. We surround them with love and compassion

Most importantly, we provide them with a place to belong. Once the boys enter our program, they continue through graduated care levels and may stay permanently until they are adults. As we grow our foster care community, they may also transition to a traditional foster home on campus. In this way, we help boys heal and prepare them to step out on their own when they reach adulthood. Impact Oklahoma’s funding built a new foster home on campus, which helps meet one of our state’s most pressing needs.