Variety Care


“Healthy Expectations”

For low-income women, pregnancy can be confusing, uncertain and even traumatic.

Healthy Expectations wraps mother and baby with a blanket of services. Based on evidence-based practices, this trauma informed program provides group visits where women can build a network with other women, spend time with their obstetrician, pediatrician, therapist and dietician. She can ask questions in private or group discussion. She has access to dental, vision and emergency needs as identified. Her Healthy Expectations Advocate will become her champion, friend, and case manager over the next six years. It’s more than health care–this is a game changer for health, education and healthy relationships.

Healthy Expectations provides a safety net from pregnancy through the time the child enters school. Goals are early entry into prenatal care, a healthy baby, healthy bonding, breast feeding, post-partum screening, timely well checks, and reading readiness in first grade. Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences gives her a chance to build resiliency to offset the negative effects of prior trauma in her life and to prevent it in her baby’s future. 

We built the pilot at the Britton Health Center—Impact’s investment will allow program expansion to our Straka clinic, in the heart of one of the poorest areas of South OKC/Moore. Impact Grant funds will be used for one-time startup cost and program specific staffing. Program income in concurrent years will provide sustainability. The program will help about 300 new young mothers each year. With an expected 750 by year five and thereafter.