Here at The Sooner Theatre, we have seen first-hand the impact the arts have on our children. We see students who need a place to belong, a place to feel safe. The arts are changing lives…and in some cases saving lives.

Our most visible impact is on the youth of our community and surrounding communities– a performing arts program that started with one summer camp with 31 kids has grown in just over a decade to feed the passion and skills of almost 1000 enrolled in more than 55 different year-round classes, camps and full- scale productions.

Please help us Light The Way.

We are unfortunately spending valuable resources renting light and sound equipment for each performance on our stage. Specifically, we need a light and sound system so that we put budgeted resources where they can do the most good – in our educational offerings.

The purchase of this equipment means a brighter future not only for young performers as they step onto our stage, but also increases opportunities for our special needs students by providing specialized training for our instructors.

This project also gives us the resources to implement in-school and much needed after-school programming. In addition, these freed up funds we will allow us to continue our scholarship program to insure no child is ever turned away from an opportunity to find his or her voice due to an inability to pay. You can help Light The Way.