Sooner Theater



“Before a child talks they sing.
Before they write they draw.
As soon as they stand they dance.
Art is fundamental to human expression.” Phylicia Rashad

We see first-hand everyday how the arts are changing lives…and in some cases saving lives. Most people see our students putting on phenomenal shows, but we see phenomenal students who need a place to feel safe, a place to fit in, a place to belong.

Please help The Sooner Theatre Light The Way.

Your $100,000 gift will make a $1 million IMPACT on our organization!

Today, the theatre spends $50,000 a year RENTING light and sound equipment for our year-round productions. We can purchase our own technical system with a 20-year lifespan!

$50,000 x 20 = $1,000,000!

By purchasing our own equipment, we free up this money to put towards the heartbeat of our organization…our children!

*We would provide our instructors more specialized training for our special-needs students.

*We would continue our scholarship program, because we will never turn away a child due to an inability to pay.

*We would implement in-school and much needed after-school programming, especially in areas where even scholarship dollars can’t help parents who do not have the means or resources to get their children to our facility.

*We would continue working with the new Trauma Drama effort in our community, to provide drama as a means of therapy and expression for those children who have experienced severe trauma.

Please help us Light The Way for our students!