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“Jets – an after school program for at risk children”

Skyline Urban Ministriesa

Jets is a five-day a week after school program sponsored by Skyline Urban Ministries and is open to any child eligible for the free and reduced lunch program in the OKCPS system. We also offer a variety of summer programs for elementary and middle school children. We charge nothing to the families, raising all of the operating costs on our own. We currently have three sites in the metro area serving Mark Twain, Capitol Hill, Eugene Fields and Gatewood Elementary schools, as well as Martha’s House, a transitional housing program for single mothers.

If awarded the grant we would open two new sites. The first will be a middle school program in SE OKC for our youth who have aged out of the program. These boys hang around our parking lot asking if there’s anything they can do to help us just so they can be in Jets again. The second site will be in NE OKC, which has a similar problem. Children from the elementary school located just across the street from the church hang around the parking lot wishing they had somewhere to go. Many are forced to roam the neighborhood until a parent comes home from work.

By working with the children so intensely on self-esteem issues, non-violent conflict resolution skills, personal planning and problem-solving, we can and do have a positive effect on the decisions the children make as their futures unfold. Our request of Impact Oklahoma is for $100,000 to open these new sites and to purchase two new vans. These children face the greatest risk of violence, abuse, hunger and gang involvement. Please help us reach out to those children and families in need by offering an alternative for after school time.