“Granville Community Music School Expansion”

The Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma’s project, the Granville Community Music School, provides music lessons to children from low-income families for fifty cents per lesson. However, it is not just a quality music education that each student receives. Granville students are mentored by private instructors and gain social skills as well as the confidence, discipline and knowledge that when they set goals they can and will succeed. In addition to private lessons, Granville also provides a Parent Resource Center for its parents and weekly music classes for Positive Tomorrows, an Oklahoma City school for homeless children.

This year, Granville also started a partnership with Special Care, a wonderful facility providing education to students with and without special needs. Granville currently provides music lessons to each of their afterschool classes once a month. The funding of this Impact grant would allow Granville to expand its current enrollment, install a recording studio, purchase more instruments for private and group classes, open a second piano lab and purchase instruments that would remain at Special Care to be used during the day and with the afterschool program. We could expand the Special Care partnership to more than once a month while also providing more instruments for the lessons with Positive Tomorrows. Adding a full recording studio to Granville would be mutually beneficial: It would help students learn the music production business and also could become a source of income to help Granville become self-sustaining. With your help, we can transform lives through music!