Oklahoma Children’s Theatre


Oklahoma Children’s Theatre will design a four-day Family Theatre Festival comprised of performances in a variety of imaginative mediums including puppetry, opera and drama. Performances will be signed for hearing impaired audiences. Theater for Youth companies such as Paul Messener Puppets, Dallas C.T., O.C.U. Opera/Music Theatre will be invited to participate. Performances will be mornings, afternoons and evenings. Teacher development workshops in arts integration will be offered along with theatre and creative drama activities for families to enjoy together.

Our target population includes all children, families and teachers in the OKC Metro as well as a broader regional community encompassing much of Oklahoma. Children from two years through elderly will be impacted through performances and additional activities.


Theatre as an artistic discipline has been virtually omitted from the narrowing curriculum of public education, and therefore it is so important for theatre for families to be supported and supplemented by quality extracurricular options such as this Family Theatre Festival.

Why a Family Theatre Festival? When you give a child, a teenager or an adult, permission to imagine, the doors of possibility fly open and barriers become merely a game of leap frog! Imagine the impact that could have on Oklahoma!

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