Not Your Average Joe


Project: Not Your Average Event

80% of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are unemployed after high school. Not Your Average Joe exists to change that statistic by providing customer-facing jobs for adults with IDD alongside neurotypical peers in an encouraging coffee shop environment. But we cannot change this statistic alone. We need you.

Our dream project is Not Your Average Event, a food truck serving coffee and ice cream at schools, churches and businesses followed by a school assembly or seminar taught by our differently-abled staff. We want Oklahoma citizens to see what inclusion looks like, hear why it is important in terms of learning and earning, and be shown how they too can practice inclusion in life and business.

Imagine thousands of students and staff being challenged to practice inclusion in central Oklahoma schools every year. Imagine how many businesses could be inspired and trained to hire adults with IDD. Imagine how much we could impact Oklahoma together by spreading the need for everyone to be accept-ional: to include people of all abilities.

Now imagine this vehicle wrapped in our logo, and yours. Imagine if we share that Not Your Average Event is brought to you through the generosity of Impact Oklahoma. Everyone attending a school assembly or seminar will hear what you have done, how they can join you, and why they should be a part of impacting Oklahoma for good.
Thank you all for being generous women, making an impact on Oklahoma and being truly accept-ional.

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