HALO Project


“Collaborative IMPACT Project”

Did you know children in Oklahoma are being exposed to more trauma than anywhere else in our country? This devastating statistic is one we have the power and ability to change. Wahoo!

Counselors differ in a number of ways. They are set apart by their level of passion and most notably by the specialized techniques they are trained in. Imagine a doctor who is not trained in the best surgical techniques to help a patient. Without a trained doctor, the patient goes untreated. Counselors are similar. They cannot afford the training they need to help their patients. Thus, the pain of abuse goes untreated and the suffering and cycle of abuse continues for generations.

HALO has a team of highly trained counselors with the skillset to train others. Our services are in such high demand we have over 100 families on our waitlist on any given day. In addition, our trainings are so sought after, counselors travel from all over the world to learn from us.

Your grant funds will be used to train 65 Oklahoma counselors in the techniques they need to help vulnerable children and families. Together, we will build an army with the impact of bringing healing to potentially 5,200 families in just the first year. Imagine how many more families will experience healing within five years! Ten years! Twenty years!

Our kids are being harmed at the highest rate in the nation and your vote will change this. From our hearts to yours, we thank you.

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