Granville Community Music School / Opry Heritage Foundation


“Transforming Lives Through Music”

Granville Community Music School

According to the U.S. Census Survey, OKC Public Schools have 25.6% of its student population from families of poverty. This is much higher than both the state and national averages. Of these students, statistics show that many will drop out to find low-paying jobs or become burdens on society. But what if we could engage them and open their minds to creativity, emotional growth and a world of endless opportunities? Studies are now proving that we can reach these students through music providing not only hope, but the skills necessary for them to have a better future.

This project would allow Granville Community Music School to double enrollment from 200 to 400 students, expand into a Community Center that would provide family classes, healthy snacks and meals by the Regional Food Bank, and enrich the parent resource area to include more useful software and materials to help plan their student’s future.

This grant would also give us the equipment to open a recording facility that would engage students in an authentic music business education while also providing a source of income for Granville.

Students and families come to Granville for the music, but with your help, will receive so much more! Granville helps students dream big and create strategies to make those dreams come true. Students have learned that college and a professional career is not just a possibility, but can be their reality! With your help, we can and will transform lives through music!