Focus on Home


Project: Ending “Home”lessness in our Community

At Focus on Home, we don’t believe homelessness ends when a family secures housing! There are hundreds of local OKC families who may have a roof over their heads and are no longer considered homeless, but are still sleeping on a cold, hard floor, without many of the basic items needed to set up a safe, healthy, happy home. Our program, Ending “Home”lessness in our Community, serves families escaping domestic violence, going through recovery programs, and experiencing homelessness. The families receive furniture and home essentials from us, allowing them to stay together and focus on jobs, school, and growing as families, rather than worrying about how to get a good night’s sleep when there is no bed.

Our goal is to provide a dignified home, designed with a family’s needs and interests in mind and provide a home where parents know their children are secure and they can grow together as a family. Each family receives an individualized furniture package – everything from a couch to a can opener. If selected as an Impact OK grant recipient, we will purchase a new 26ft. box-truck and secure much needed additional warehouse space. A fully operational box-truck and warehouse space is paramount to our mission for two reasons. First, the box-truck is in the community daily picking up donated furniture and furnishings to ensure our warehouse is fully stocked. Second, the box-truck delivers the furniture packages to the families, with volunteers working to set up the “home”. Focus on Home provides all the items needed for the family to live comfortably and feel proud and confident in their home.

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