“A Safe Haven for Children in Crisis”

Crossroads Youth and Family Services

These children, who have suffered great losses, need your help:

  • A set of twins rescued after three days of huddling on their roof during Hurricane Katrina
  • A sixteen-year-old boy, with no other family, whose mother and new stepfather rejected him
  • An abused family of six children with three different fathers
  • An eleven-year-old girl whose mother, her only relative in the world, died suddenly
  • An eighteen-year-old boy released from state control with no money, family, home, job, car, social security number, high school diploma or change of clothes
  • A fourteen-year-old girl left with a violent group of white supremacists while her mother sought drugs


We serve over 400 children each year in our Emergency Youth Shelter. Safe Haven for Children in Crisis has three main goals:

  1. Give children comfort and make them feel safe;
  2. help them learn;
  3. meet their needs.

This involves making the seventeen-year-old Shelter more home-like through kid-friendly items such as a safer playground, books, games and lead-free toys; energy-efficient windows to prevent water leaks; modernizing/upgrading the worn-out kitchen, including adding a dish sanitizer and replacing the refrigerator/freezer that recently died; new furniture and soundproofing for the nursery; and independent living help for homeless older youth. The Shelter has not been remodeled since 1992. After serving 12,500 children since then, the wear-and-tear on the kitchen has been severe. The total proposed budget for this project is $120,000; we raised $20,000 and are seeking $100,000 in grant funds from Impact Oklahoma.