City Rescue Mission
Thousands of men, women and children in our community go hungry each day. Many of them cannot make it to existing pantries due to their work schedules. Others receive pre-boxed items they cannot eat due to allergies, special nutritional needs or inability to prepare the items. Others are turned away because their nearest pantry is too small to support the community need. So they go hungry, or are forced to use their rent money to buy food for their families, eventually leading them to become homeless.

The Impact Hunger Food Pantry will be the first of its kind in our area – a grocery-store-style food distribution center serving the most impoverished in our community with accessible hours and the dignity of self-selecting items. Working in partnership with The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, this format will streamline operations, reduce cost, reduce waste, increase accessibility and will serve well over 12,000 hungry men, women and children in the first year of operation!

The Impact Hunger Food Pantry will have a tremendous impact on our community! We want to not only feed the hungry, but to nourish them – to encourage their physical health so they can be fueled to perform better in school, at work and in life. Nutrition is a building block for success in all other areas, so your investment will not only feed thousands, but will have an exponential impact on their success for years to come!
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