“Universal Program Access”

Central Christian Camp

For many of us, it is nearly impossible to imagine a life where you are identified by a physical or intellectual disability. Most are unable to fully grasp how exclusive having a disability can be. Activities and facilities that are readily available to others are often inaccessible and simply unattainable. This exclusion is the reality for many members of our community and accessibility is the cornerstone of their independence.

At Central Christian Camp, we are dedicated to providing an outdoor location where people of all abilities can come to retreat, reflect and gain knowledge. We collaborate with more than 30 community organizations, businesses and individuals to impact the lives of more than 10,000 Oklahomans annually. Over 80% of these Oklahomans have special needs or are at-risk. Campers of all ages, beliefs and ethnicities are enriched through the experience of outdoor recreation. We believe that we are truly “changing lives one camp at a time.”

Little did we know, when our facilities were built over 50 years ago, that our mission would evolve and our camp would become one of Oklahoma’s largest camp and travel programs, serving individuals with disabilities. Your support helps us fulfill our mission by creating universally accessible and sustainable program areas. This includes renovation of our pool and conference center restrooms, construction of an accessible boat dock, and relocation of the basketball/power soccer program area. Together we will expand the independence of ALL individuals at camp by breaking down limitations and building self-confidence.