Oklahoma City – Darrell’s father passed away when he was seven. Chelsey’s mother is raising three children while working two jobs. D.J.’s mother had him when she was 16 and his father wants no responsibility for him. This is why Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma is so important in the lives of children who need caring adult role models.

With a history of more than 100 years of establishing one-to-one relationships for children who need positive guidance, BBBSOK targets low-income, single-parent children who most often live in single-mother households where the father has little or no contact with the child. As the numbers of at-risk children continue to grow in Oklahoma, the need to provide a mentor takes on an ever-growing importance.

Our professional staff members are highly trained in all aspects of one-to-one mentoring. They take extra care to match children based on their unique needs. Each volunteer we match meets rigorous standards and successfully passes extensive background checks.

Each match is supported by a professional who offers ongoing support, consultations and several planned monthly activities. That’s what sets BBBSOK’s program apart from other mentoring programs and because of this, our program is recognized as the country’s gold standard in mentoring.

Last year we served nearly 1,000 children in Central Oklahoma. With the assistance of Impact Oklahoma we can increase this number by 300 – so the Darrell’s, Chelsey’s and D.J.’s of the state can have the caring adult in their lives who will positively influence them to become productive, contributing members of society. As they move into adulthood, chances are that their own children will get the kind of nurturing and childhood that every child deserves and is entitled to experience.

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