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Project: “alrt!”

Did you know current research indicates surges in child pornography and trafficking? One in five youth WILL be sexually solicited online. Every day, children fall victim to online exploitation and experience pain and trauma.

To combat this rising issue, Abbott House dreams of launching alrt! – an education initiative to bring awareness to and prevent online child exploitation.

alrt! educates children and teens in 5th-12th grades to keep themselves safe online by empowering them to take action WHEN they encounter digital dangers as well as run a public awareness campaign and outreach events aimed at educating all relevant adults.

Education is more urgent now than ever before as investigators are faced with an increased volume of online child exploitation cases while simultaneously facing endless challenges to working these crimes. Currently, it would take OSBI 337 years to work through all the online exploitation cases in their cue.

As a child advocacy center, Abbott House is uniquely qualified to lead this initiative. We are working to develop an evidence informed curriculum that will allow us to train multiple facilitators: including OSBI, OBN, local law enforcement officers and other qualified adults to implement alrt! in their respective communities.

alrt! is scalable and sustainable. Abbott House will educate 5,000 students and parents in central Oklahoma our first year. By year 3, our goal is to be in every school in the state. Your vote will impact over 400,000 students every year. Through education we can prevent abuse before it starts.

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