Historically, women have made small donations to a nonprofit and the organization uses this money to fund daily operations and expenses. While individual donations are vitally important to these organizations, imagine if you could give a non-profit $100K to execute a large dream project they might not otherwise be able to complete.
The collective giving model pools individual dollars to make significantly larger grants allowing women of all levels of wealth to participate in big gifts that make incredible impact on the local community.

Here is how it works with Impact Oklahoma…

  • Impact Oklahoma members donate $1000 to a collective pool. ($500 Junior membership)
  • Central Oklahoma nonprofits apply for a $100K grant for a project they would not otherwise be able to undertake.
  • The grant request goes through a review process to insure its viability.
  • Five finalists are chosen to present their unique project to the ImpactOK membership at the annual meeting. You get to meet the nonprofit ambassadors and hear directly about the project.
  • Every member gets an equal vote as to which project(s) receives a $100K grant.
  • Winners are announced that evening.
  • ImpactOK members have given over $3.5 Million to central Oklahoma nonprofits.

These large grants really move the needle on how effective an organization is in the community. Here are just a few examples…

  • Pivot: A Turning Point for Youth built three homes for homeless teenagers to help them learn to be adults while in a supportive community.
  • Annas House Foundation built a house dedicated to keep brothers and sisters together in foster care.
  • The Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled built a recreation building for their adult clients.
  • Positive Tomorrows purchased two vans and three buses to transport homeless children to school and other vital locations.

See 15 years and $3.5M worth of projects on the beneficiaries’ page.

We would love to have you as part of our women’s collective giving group.

Monthly installments and junior memberships are available through the JOIN US page.