2018 Finalist Summaries

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Limbs for Life Foundation

Impact OK Prosthetic & Running Blade Projects

Each day, 507 people lose a limb in the U.S.

Living without a limb, whether by birth or amputation, is physically, emotionally and financially devastating, disrupting life for the amputee and their broader community. Limbs for Life provides functional prosthetic care to amputees without insurance or other resources that cover a limb. After receiving his first limb, Alex said, “I never realized the smallest things I missed, like holding my girlfriend’s hand while walking and carrying our son to bed.”

Kynnli was born without her lower leg. At a local event, she saw amputees with prosthetics competing in sports. “Mommy, they have legs like me!  I want to run with my people!” Every child should be able to run. Every amputee should have the opportunity for an active,
productive life.

The Impact Oklahoma Prosthetic Project ($75,000) will fund 25-27 amputees in central Oklahoma. Prosthetics restore mobility and independence to return to work, school, family activities and the lifestyle enjoyed before limb loss.

The launch of the Impact Running Blade Project ($25,000) will provide new opportunities for children with limb loss. Various resources may cover basic prostheses up to age 18, however “adaptive equipment” is often inaccessible. Running blades provide flexibility and “spring” to propel the runner forward and mimic the motion achieved from one’s ankle. This will allow children to run, play and participate in sports.

Limbs for Life is partnering to provide adaptive sports equipment and will cover costs for the socket required for running blades for up to 20 children.


Pivot – A Turning Point for Youth

(Formerly Youth Services of Oklahoma County) 

Pivotal Impact-Independent Living

Paula was 17 and had resorted to sleeping under a bridge. James was 17 and sleeping on a
bench. Both were high school students, living on their own without parental or family support –
alone, afraid and at-risk.

For more than 45 years, Pivot, A Turning Point for Youth, has worked with youth lacking stability in their lives. They are sometimes homeless, couch homeless or disengaged.

Pivotal Impact – Independent Living addresses the lack of safe, transitional living space for teens and young adults who are living on their own without parental supervision, have aged out of Oklahoma’s foster care system, or experienced involvement with the child welfare or juvenile justice systems.

Pivot will build three tiny homes, each with a bed, small kitchen and bathroom, on our campus as transitional homes until youth are ready to move to an independent residence. These homes are the first step in building a community of homes for youth, primarily ages 16 to 19, that have no place to live. Pivot’s goal is to temporarily house up to 15 youth year one, providing immediate, direct and personalized wrap-around services and healthy connections, 24-hours a day, while they are going to school and/or working.

This is the beginning of what Pivot believes is a viable solution to housing youth in need of a place to live in our community.

A grant award from Impact Oklahoma would provide the much-needed seed funding to ensure this project takes flight – moving youth from fear to hope, alone to connected, and from risk to opportunity.


Positive Tomorrows

Access to Education through Transportation

Positive Tomorrows is Oklahoma’s only elementary school and social services agency specifically serving the special needs of homeless children and their families. We provide basic essentials to remove barriers to learning, such as rides to school, meals, clothing, backpacks, and basic medical care. We provide a differentiated, trauma informed education to each child. Small class sizes ensure that children receive the attention they need to succeed both academically and socially.

The first barrier to education that we remove is transportation. We have two vans and one school bus to transport students. For safety reasons, we prefer transportation routes last less than an hour, which limits us to a 6-mile radius from the school. This changes daily due to the transient nature of homeless families. Sadly, we continue to turn away students due to a lack of transportation capabilities.

The purchase of two 29 passenger buses would increase our transportation capacity, expand our transportation boundaries, and allow us to serve more students. It would also enable us to transport more students to a wider variety of enrichment opportunities like libraries, sports, art museums, and visiting local farms. Having more bus seats means more opportunities to transport parents to Parent Teacher Conferences, support groups, and family events at the school.

New buses from Impact Oklahoma would mean turning away fewer students and changing the lives of more students and families for years to come.



The Sooner Theatre

Light the Way

Here at The Sooner Theatre, we have seen first-hand the impact the arts have on our children. We see students who need a place to belong, a place to feel safe. The arts are changing lives…and in some cases saving lives.

Our most visible impact is on the youth of our community and surrounding communities– a performing arts program that started with one summer camp with 31 kids has grown in just over a decade to feed the passion and skills of almost 1000 enrolled in more than 55 different year-round classes, camps and full- scale productions.

Please help us Light The Way.

We are unfortunately spending valuable resources renting light and sound equipment for each performance on our stage. Specifically, we need a light and sound system so that we put budgeted resources where they can do the most good – in our educational offerings.

The purchase of this equipment means a brighter future not only for young performers as they step onto our stage, but also increases opportunities for our special needs students by providing specialized training for our instructors.

This project also gives us the resources to implement in-school and much needed after-school programming. In addition, these freed up funds we will allow us to continue our scholarship program to insure no child is ever turned away from an opportunity to find his or her voice due to an inability to pay. You can help Light The Way.