2019 Finalist Summaries

The following descriptions have been provided by our 2019 Finalists for our members’ consideration. Links to each organization’s website are included.  Representatives from each organization will be on hand on April 25 at our Annual Meeting to answer questions and then make a presentation to the entire membership.   

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Central Oklahoma Humane Society

Animal Advocacy Program

People save animals. But first…we must help the people.

It is estimated that as many as 65% of domestic violence victims stay in abusive homes or delay leaving out of concern for the safety of their pets. How can we ask someone to begin to heal, stabilize, and move forward while living in constant fear that their pets will be harmed if they seek shelter and help?

We are asking Impact Oklahoma to offer that help.

Impactful CollaborationCentral Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane) and Palomar, Oklahoma’s Family Justice Center, have established a FIRST in the nation partnership that utilizes a multi-faceted treatment approach that meets the needs of the whole person fleeing domestic violence, and also meets the needs of their animals. This has been accomplished by creating an on-site Animal Advocate that immediately cares for the animal(s) caught in the middle of domestic violence while Palomar takes care of the victim and their families.

Empowered Impact – Impact Oklahoma can set the Animal Advocacy program in motion by building a safe kenneling, transportation and fostering solution for the animals coming into Palomar. As OK Humane begins healing the animals, Palomar will begin to provide victim-centered services that promote victim autonomy and empowerment. In the end, the vision is to provide the victim with the hearthealing reunification with their pet.

Impact Oklahoma will be part of changing the way the city, state and nation treat domestic violence and animal welfare. Your Impact will have no boundaries!


OKC Metro Alliance

Women’s Firstep

Women’s Firstep is a beautiful place tucked in the corner of south OKC. Gina, age 29, arrived after giving up hope of ever having a life free from drugs, fear, and violence. Death was a likely outcome of her addiction. When she went to jail she was hopelessfacing years in prison. She could not see a way to be free. Now a Firstep graduate, she has a house, a job, and her children. She has a new life!

Firstep gives hope, dignity and care. Firstep served 222 women like Gina just last year. 87% were ensnarled in the criminal justice system. Most are mothers unable to care for their children. Out of desperation, and with a judge or attorney’s encouragement, they come. For 30 years, the program has been a beacon of hope for thousands of Oklahomans. Gina and others are breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse, addiction, and prison.

Our current kitchen and dining space is completely inadequate to meet the needs of 56 residents. In six months, a new kitchen and dining room will be built. A grant from Impact Oklahoma will provide a stateoftheart commercial kitchen, appliances, and fully furnished dining room.

OSU is partnering to develop marketable food products, creating job training and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our goals are to enhance each participant with improved access to nutrition, healthy eating habits, and income and employment opportunities.

By investing in the IMPACT Oklahoma Kitchen, you are investing in lives, health, and wellness which are essential to recovery!


Putnam City Schools Foundation

Integrated STEM Labs

Brandon gets two of his meals from school every day. His family can’t purchase many books or toys and they can’t take him to museums or on vacations. His dreams for his future are small. It’s one thing to have a dream that can’t be fulfilled, and quite another to not be able to dream.

The Putnam City Schools Foundation strives to provide students like Brandon an education that inspires them to dream big. With an Impact Grant, we will complete the creation of integrated STEM labs in every district middle and elementary school, serving over 14,000 students yearly. In each lab, there will be durable equipment, creative materials, programmable robots, and the latest in technology. Impact Oklahoma can help us Sow Big Dreams in Brandon and thousands more children.

Our students are smart and curious; they just need some exposure to bring big dreams to fruition. Our district is bursting with worthy children from families of challenging circumstances. Fully 84% of our students qualify as economically disadvantaged. Yet why should the fact that Brandon eats 10 meals weekly at school stop him from becoming an agronomist who feeds hungry people yearly?

The outcomes will be impactful initially– improved test scores, increased enrollment in advanced courses, deeper critical thinking, and in the future– more residents filling STEM jobs, higher incomes, a stronger America.

Enhancing educational opportunities for a child like Brandon is the heart of our mission. With Impact Oklahoma’s help, we will not only enrich the students academic experiences, we will empower the future!



The Sooner Theatre

Light The Way

“Before a child talks they sing. Before they write they draw. As soon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to human expression.” Phylicia Rashad

We see first-hand everyday how the arts are changing lives…and in some cases saving lives. Most people see our students putting on phenomenal shows, but we see phenomenal students who need a place to feel safe, a place to fit in, a place to belong.

Please help The Sooner Theatre Light The Way.

Your $100,000 gift will make a $1 million IMPACT on our organization! 

Today, the theatre spends $50,000 a year RENTING light and sound equipment for our year-round productions. We can purchase our own technical system with a 20-year lifespan!

$50,000 x 20 = $1,000,000!

By purchasing our own equipment, we free up this money to put towards the heartbeat of our organization…our children! 

  • We would provide our instructors more specialized training for our special-needs students. 
  • We would continue our scholarship program, because we will never turn away a child due to an inability to pay. 
  • We would implement in-school and much needed after-school programming, especially in areas where even scholarship dollars can’t help parents who do not have the means or resources to get their children to our facility. 
  • We would continue working with the new Trauma Drama effort in our community, to provide drama as a means of therapy and expression for those children who have experienced severe trauma.

Please help us Light The Way for our students!


Variety Care

Healthy Expectations

For low-income women, pregnancy can be confusing, uncertain and even traumatic.

Healthy Expectations wraps mother and baby with a blanket of services. Based on evidence-based practices, this trauma informed program provides group visits where women can build a network with other women, spend time with their obstetrician, pediatrician, therapist and dietician.  She can ask questions in private or group discussion. She has access to dental, vision and emergency needs as identified. Her Healthy Expectations Advocate will become her champion, friend, and case manager over the next six years.  Its more than health care–this is a game changer for health, education and healthy relationships.

Healthy Expectations provides a safety net from pregnancy through the time the child enters school. Goals are early entry into prenatal care, a healthy baby, healthy bonding, breast feeding, post-partum screening, timely well checks, and reading readiness in first grade.  Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences gives her a chance to build resiliency to offset the negative effects of prior trauma in her life and to prevent it in her baby’s future. 

We built the pilot at the Britton Health Center—Impact’s investment will allow program expansion to our Straka clinic, in the heart of one of the poorest areas of South OKC/Moore. Impact Grant funds will be used for one-time startup cost and program specific staffing.  Program income in concurrent years will provide sustainability.   The program will help about 300 new young mothers each year.  With an expected 750 by year five and thereafter.