YWCA Oklahoma City



He sat motionless, except for the trembling. Slowly, the young child began describing how he tried to stop dad from beating his mom. It is the littlest victims like this who will receive help through the Impact Oklahoma grant to the YWCA. The $100,000 will enable the YWCA to expand services to NE OKC for victims of domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) – providing critical access to trauma intervention for children and their moms.

The grant dollars will:

  1. Convert an existing space into “Impact OK” play therapy room for child-trauma intervention
  2. Purchase equipment/supplies;
  3. Fund a Children’s Counselor, Crisis Advocate/Case Manager, and appropriate training for:
    • Trauma-intervention counseling to victims of DV/SA ages 4-17
    • DV education, support groups, case management and advocacy for adults and children
      Expected to directly impact 260 adult/child victims, the project will indirectly impact an additional 200 family members, un-served and underserved victims in OK County and surrounding areas who will receive life-saving crisis services. The long-term impact is a community where women/children can live in violence-free homes.
    • Don’t look away – Oklahoma is 4th in the nation for women killed by men; 65% of children in violent homes will be physically abused and seven of 10 will likely continue the cycle of violence and trauma as adults – beginning the next generation of children abused in their own homes.

Impact the lives of victims, especially the littlest ones – VOTE YWCA!