Studio 222


Studio 222
Oklahoma City – Studio 222 is a tuition free after-school program targeted at inner city middle school aged students from Taft Middle School. Taft Middle School is a high-challenged, inner city Oklahoma City public school. The mission of Studio 222 is to provide a safe, positive environment where inner city youth can develop strong, healthy self-esteems and hope for their future.

Studio 222 began in the fall of 2004 and is currently in its third successful year offering a quality program that supports and promotes the arts culture. The program runs four days per week during the school year from 4-6 p.m. Students are allowed to choose from activities such as: hip-hop dance, drama, computer animation, photography and creative writing all taught by professional artists employed by the program.

Early this year, Studio 222 acquired a building located on the southeast corner of 14th and Robinson (1500 N. Robinson) to conduct its program. This building is in need of renovation for the program. The building project will include adding a kitchen, updating restrooms, creating space for classrooms, a computer lab and a gallery to display art. The proposed budget for the project is $135,000.


Many of the students have little or no family support. By having their own building, we hope to help them acknowledge their importance and contribution to our community. We run program evaluations yearly and have seen that the program has helped increase school attendance, decrease trouble after school and improve academic scores.

Because of the success of this program, the long-term goal of Studio 222 is to increase the number of students served not only at a new location but also in other locations throughout the metro area.

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