“IMPACT Scholars Program”

For 10 years, ReMerge has worked to create a revolution in our community by restoring mothers to their families instead of sending them to prison. Desperate after years of battling addiction and facing 20 years in prison, Candace joined ReMerge and began the hard work of transforming her life. While in the program, she has beaten cancer, reunified with her five precious children, and is in addiction recovery.

She is a warrior woman!

But this warrior is tired. She works two jobs, 12 hours a day, while also being a full time mom. She can envision her future, but her employment dreams feel beyond her reach because she is caught in an ongoing cycle of low-wage work and economic survival. Despite her accomplishments, she is scared, stuck, vulnerable, and one financial emergency away from chaos.

With your help, ReMerge wants to change Candace’s story. Currently, only 2% of ReMerge participants have any form of post-secondary training, which is critical for employment success. This $100,000 grant will fuel the new IMPACT Scholars program and create training pathways for mothers to thrive in careers in growing Oklahoma industries, not just survive in low-wage jobs.

Employment is the number one indicator for a participant’s continued recovery and well-being. Impact Scholars will receive industry certifications, paid training time, and placement in careers that provide family-sustaining wages.

We invite you to join the revolution—your investment will change not only a mother’s life, but will lift her family out of poverty and reverberate through generations.

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