Putnam City Schools Foundation


Brandon gets two of his meals from school every day. His family can’t purchase many books or toys and they can’t take him to museums or on vacations. His dreams for his future are small.  It’s one thing to have a dream that can’t be fulfilled, and quite another to not be able to dream.

The Putnam City Schools Foundation strives to provide students like Brandon an education that inspires them to dream big. With an Impact Grant, we will complete the creation of integrated STEM labs in every district middle and elementary school, serving over 14,000 students yearly. In each lab, there will be durable equipment, creative materials, programmable robots, and the latest in technology.  Impact Oklahoma can help us Sow Big Dreams in Brandon and thousands more children.

Our students are smart and curious; they just need some exposure to bring big dreams to fruition.  Our district is bursting with worthy children from families of challenging circumstances. Fully 84% of our students qualify as economically disadvantaged. Yet why should the fact that Brandon eats 10 meals  weekly at school stop him from becoming an agronomist who feeds hungry people yearly?

The outcomes will be impactful initially– improved test scores, increased enrollment in advanced courses, deeper critical thinking, and in the future–  more residents filling STEM jobs, higher incomes, a stronger America.

Enhancing educational opportunities for a child like Brandon is the heart of our mission. With Impact Oklahoma’s help, we will not only enrich the students’ academic experiences, we will empower the future.