Positive Tomorrows


Positive Tomorrows is Oklahoma’s only elementary school and social services agency specifically serving the special needs of homeless children and their families. We provide basic essentials to remove barriers to learning, such as rides to school, meals, clothing, backpacks, and basic medical care. We provide a differentiated, trauma informed education to each child. Small class sizes ensure that children receive the attention they need to succeed both academically and socially.

The first barrier to education that we remove is transportation. We have two vans and one school bus to transport students. For safety reasons, we prefer transportation routes last less than an hour, which limits us to a 6-mile radius from the school. This changes daily due to the transient nature of homeless families. Sadly, we continue to turn away students due to a lack of transportation capabilities.

The purchase of two 29 passenger buses would increase our transportation capacity, expand our transportation boundaries, and allow us to serve more students. It would also enable us to transport more students to a wider variety of enrichment opportunities like libraries, sports, art museums, and visiting local farms. Having more bus seats means more opportunities to transport parents to Parent Teacher Conferences, support groups, and family events at the school.

New buses from Impact Oklahoma would mean turning away fewer students and changing the lives of more students and families for years to come.