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Women’s Firstep is a beautiful place tucked in the corner of south OKC. Gina, age 29, arrived after giving up hope of ever having a life free from drugs, fear, and violence. Death was a likely outcome of her addiction. When she went to jail she was hopeless–facing years in prison. She could not see a way to be free. Now a Firstep graduate, she has a house, a job, and her children. She has a new life!

Firstep gives hope, dignity and care. Firstep served 222 women like Gina just last year. 87% were ensnarled in the criminal justice system. Most are mothers unable to care for their children. Out of desperation, and with a judge or attorney’s encouragement, they come. For 30 years, the program has been a beacon of hope for thousands of Oklahomans. Gina and others are breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse, addiction, and prison.

Our current kitchen and dining space is completely inadequate to meet the needs of 56 residents. In six months, a new kitchen and dining room will be built. A grant from Impact Oklahoma will provide a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, appliances, and fully furnished dining room.

OSU is partnering to develop marketable food products, creating job training and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our goals are to enhance each participant with improved access to nutrition, healthy eating habits, and income and employment opportunities.

By investing in the IMPACT Oklahoma Kitchen, you are investing in lives, health, and wellness which are essential to recovery!