Mental Health Association Oklahoma


Project: Health and Wellness Program

One outcome of the pandemic has been a significant increase in the number of individuals experiencing mental health challenges and economic struggles, putting more people on the street.

As the premier boots-on-the-ground nonprofit specializing in the intersection of mental illness and homelessness, the demand for our services has never been higher. Launched in February 2021, our Community Health and Wellness program is Oklahoma City’s first street medicine team, improving access to quality healthcare by searching the streets for those experiencing homelessness and providing services where they are.

These often-overlooked members of our community face significant barriers to accessing healthcare even as their symptoms escalate and conditions deteriorate. Believing it their only option, they call 911, resulting in high costs to the community and poor health outcomes for themselves. Our Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) intervenes in this cycle by building relationships with a very trust-averse population so he can provide critical medical services and needed advocacy, bridging the gap between vulnerable individuals and the healthcare system. In our first year, we served 388 unique individuals and saved the city’s emergency systems approximately $127,400 by reducing participant emergency utilization.

We need a dedicated medical van, modified for field work and fully equipped with medical equipment and supplies, to increase our mobility and significantly expand our reach across the community for years to come.

Your vote will help us meet the needs of Oklahoma City’s most vulnerable community members and protect them from the dangerous situations they face on the street.

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