Limbs for Life


Each day, 507 people lose a limb in the U.S.

Living without a limb, whether by birth or amputation, is physically, emotionally and financially devastating, disrupting life for the amputee and their broader community. Limbs for Life provides functional prosthetic care to amputees without insurance or other resources that cover a limb.  After receiving his first limb, Alex said, “I never realized the smallest things I missed, like holding my girlfriend’s hand while walking and carrying our son to bed.”

Kynnli was born without her lower leg.  At a local event, she saw amputees with prosthetics competing in sports. “Mommy, they have legs like me!  I want to run with my people!” Every child should be able to run.  Every amputee should have the opportunity for an active, productive life. 

The Impact Oklahoma Prosthetic Project ($75,000) will fund 25-27 amputees in central Oklahoma.  Prosthetics restore mobility and independence to return to work, school, family activities and the lifestyle enjoyed before limb loss.

The launch of the Impact Running Blade Project ($25,000) will provide new opportunities for children with limb loss.  Various resources may cover basic prostheses up to age 18, however “adaptive equipment” is often inaccessible.  Running blades provide flexibility and “spring” to propel the runner forward and mimic the motion achieved from one’s ankle. This will allow children to run, play and participate in sports.

Limbs for Life is partnering to provide adaptive sports equipment and will cover costs for the socket required for running blades for up to 20 children.