“Feeding Hungry Babies; BabyMobile Expansion”

Infant Crisis Services

It’s almost unimaginable that in our land of plenty – the breadbasket of the world – that babies go hungry, but thousands go to bed crying from unfed tummies every night. It’s a reality that limits their development and ability to reach their full potential. In central Oklahoma, 41,300 children under four live in poverty, putting them at risk of hunger and the lifelong cognitive and physical challenges that result from malnourishment.

For 31 years, Infant Crisis Services has been the only pantry in central Oklahoma dedicated solely to meeting the needs of babies and toddlers in crisis. Today, families can access help from our headquarters in Oklahoma City or from our new BabyMobile, a one-of-a-kind “pantry on wheels” that reaches out even further to assist struggling families, many with limited access to transportation.

Unfortunately, some desperate parents in Canadian, Cleveland, Logan and parts of Oklahoma counties still cannot reach us. Many of their babies drink formula diluted with too much water or wear dirty diapers for far too long, as their parents await their next paycheck.

Together, we can change their lives by doubling the number of days the BabyMobile operates, expanding the locations it visits, and by doubling the number of babies its serves each month. Your support will allow us to meet the needs of an additional 500 babies each month. In just one year, 6,000 babies will be helped to avoid the immediate pangs of hunger and the permanent consequences of early childhood malnourishment.