Good Shepherd Clinic


“CEREC Dental Crown Grinding/Milling Machine”

Good Shepherd Clinic provides free primary medical, dental, vision, and prescription medications for our low-income and uninsured community. Our goal is to provide better healthcare for a better life. We do not receive any insurance, state, or federal funding, fully relying on donations to provide life-saving healthcare to working people experiencing poverty.

Annually, we serve 2,300 patients with 8,000+ visits. Our staff and 550+ volunteers provide healthcare and lifestyle improvement programs, while doubling as a hands-on learning environment for students from partner universities.

We’re in the midst of one of the most profound crises of our lifetimes. We are remaining on the front lines to keep our neighbors stay healthy by providing urgent dental care, filling record numbers of prescription medications, telehealth and begun working with the Health Department to be a COVID-19 test site for the uninsured.

A synergistic relationship exists between mouth health and overall wellness. Gum disease is strongly linked to many illnesses. A crown repairs a damaged tooth, returns it to its natural shape, provides strength, and restores function and bite. We aren’t currently able to provide crowns and our hard-working patients cannot afford to pay over $1000 elsewhere and take off work for multiple appointments for a crown. So, they don’t fix the tooth, which leads to serious mouth problems.

This grant will purchase a crown-making machine to create a custom crown in ONE visit, for only $35! Also, saving us thousands of dollars for lab fees each year including digital impressions. It will touch the lives of over 300 patients annually. Even more will benefit as volunteer dentists/students flock to Good Shepherd to use this technology.

Saving the tooth restores the patient’s mouth health, improving nutrition, overall health, self-esteem, as well as impacting them for a lifetime in work, activities, socialization, and SMILES!

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