El Sistema Oklahoma


Project: Vocal Arts Program

El Sistema Oklahoma provides musical opportunities to underserved students in Oklahoma City Public Schools as a free after-school orchestral program. The pandemic had the potential to halt all program activities. Still, we continued to meet needs and provide hope to more than 150 students grades 3-12 while also beginning a new vocal program in January 2022.

The El Sistema Impact Vocal Program, in partnership with UCO and Northern Hills Elementary in Edmond, provides vocal music for students of ALL abilities. There are limited arts programs in Oklahoma that offer free, year-round, extracurricular activities to include students with special needs. Our unique model of including ALL students promotes a musical environment for neurodiverse, neurotypical, and students with physical conditions.

Numerous studies show that music helps develop self-expression, self-confidence, and social skills in our ever-changing world. ALL students benefit when they build relationships and define each other by strengths and abilities. In our almost ten years, our students continually demonstrate that music naturally breaks barriers, provides pathways to achieve goals, and promotes overall well-being and satisfaction!

In order to ensure regular attendance in both programs, double enrollment within the vocal program, and reduce depletion of resources from the orchestral program, we need:

  1. A 15-passenger van to provide reliable transportation for BOTH sites
  2. Teacher assistants to implement modified/adapted vocal music activities for additionally enrolled students
  3. Necessary musical equipment for music creation and performances

Your support ensures El Sistema continues to increase our reach and maximize the life-changing impact of music for ALL students!

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