Meet Dave, cancer ultimately took his life; we were his lifeline for food during his final days.
Meet Mary, a diabetic who comes to us to help provide fruits and vegetables that she cannot afford for her diet. Meet Joan, a single parent with four small children struggling to survive and needs desperately to feed her children. Meet Jack, a senior citizen on a fixed income.

Have you met these people? They are just a few of the people you will meet on a daily basis at Britvil Food Pantry. Even though you haven’t met them, you make a difference in their lives.

The $100,000 Impact grant enabled us to purchase a much-needed new refrigeration unit. This unit preserves the quality of nutritional food that is important in fighting disease, illness and building strong bodies.


Created in 1991, from the vision and dedication of two women, the pantry provides the nutritional food needs in a community where poverty is prevalent. We serve over 16,200 people a year and operate with only two part-time employees. We are grateful to have over 100 volunteers who help at the pantry.

We are blessed with an outstanding group of volunteers who know John 21:15 by heart, “If you truly love Me, you will feed My people.” Help us to continue making a difference in the community.