“Bring Back the Music”

Bring Back The Music provides quality performing arts education to students in central Oklahoma. While available to all students, we target students from low income and disadvantaged families. Since our inception in 2010, we have provided direct services to more than 150 students. Through concerts, workshops and public performances we have impacted hundreds more. Our mission is to establish and operate a community-based performing arts teaching laboratory capable of providing students a total performing arts education experience.

Recently, schools across America, including Oklahoma, have decreased the programs offered to students due to declining budgets. Usually it is the performing arts programs that are affected. The demise of these programs harms all students. It is particularly harmful to low-income and socially disadvantaged children because they don’t have the resources to participate in performing arts elsewhere.

Students participating in the arts have a greater success rate in school and in life. Studies consistently show that students participating in the arts score significantly higher in science and math. Performing arts instill ‘foundation skills’ needed for employment such as reasoning, thinking creatively and visualization.

Every student is not a natural athlete, talented scientist, engineer or mathematician. Some students are gifted performing artists. For many, performing arts bring solace in a chaotic world. An Impact Oklahoma grant for our “Making Music Mobile” expansion initiative will allow us to add up to five sites throughout the metro. We are committed to providing arts education to students regardless of their ability to pay or their zip code.