“Foster Care Community”

Anna’s House Foundation is a faith-based organization with the mission to provide immediate, stable and loving foster homes for Oklahoma County’s children in state custody. AHF is a licensed Child Placement Agency that recruits, certifies, and supports foster families throughout Central Oklahoma. Since January 2014, AHF has placed 87 children in stable, loving homes.

A specific program of Anna’s House is the AHF Foster Care Community in Luther, OK. It is a community of foster homes that targets large sibling groups brought into state custody. Each home in the community provides for five foster children. Statistics show that approximately 55% of sibling groups of three or more are separated from each other when placed in foster homes.

Children are brought in to state custody due to abuse and neglect. Often in cases of neglect, siblings fill the role of caregiver for younger siblings. Separation of these children causes significant loss and additional trauma.

2016 was the perfect year for Anna’s House to receive the Impact Oklahoma grant as the $100,000 was matched by Deer Creek High School. Because of this, Impact Oklahoma completely funded a new home! Construction of the 5th home is completed, and the most vulnerable children, who otherwise might be separated from their siblings, may be kept together and feel the security of a loving family. Thank you, ladies, for making this impact a reality.